Drive Me Crazy

Can a once in a Lifetime Love find a second chance.

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Drive Me Crazy: Chapter 35

As I took my time walking home, after watching Kyle Hoyt’s stupid yellow truck drive off with the girl of my dreams, I got to thinking. Sam didn’t say what exactly they were doing or where they were even going. If she did, there’s no doubt in my mind that I would check up on her. I didn’t trust Kyle what-so-ever. I started to pass through one of our neighbour’s back yard that I always passed to get to Sam’s place. It was pretty open so I didn’t need to jump any fences or anything like that. My mind wandered as more thoughts tried to process in it. Back in 2000 all of us got along quite well; Kyle, Josh, Ryan, and I… We were actually pretty close friends. It all started about a year ago, when it all went downhill from there. Josh and I had gone to go crash a party that Tiara’s grade was throwing. I remember walking over some grass to get to the front door of the house and Josh and I found Kyle harassing some girl by the side of the house. We both knew the girl didn’t really want to be in that situation with him so we decided to help her out. We told Kyle to back off and leave her alone. I swear that was going to be the first time I ever punched a guy in the face but I wasn’t going to stoop that low. After arguing back and forth instead, we all finally just went into the house where the party was.

I don’t think any of us told Sam about that night, but she probably thinks that we just don’t like the guy for no reason even though we had a pretty good one. Later that night after drinking a few beers, Josh had gotten into a scuffle with Kyle and we eventually got kicked out of the house. I got shit from Tiara for even going. Josh had said that he pulled Kyle off the same girl. I’m pretty sure if Josh wasn’t there, by the sounds of it, Kyle would have practically raped the poor girl. Most girls would flock towards Kyle now a days but I still didn’t trust him. He used to be an okay kind of guy but now… now he just got under my skin; we would fight constantly. We would just pick at one another, constantly try to out do one another. But tonight went too far. He knew that I had a thing for Sam… Hell, everyone knows I have a thing for Sam. Just the fact that he was going out on a date with her right now, at this very moment, really got on my nerves. If he hurt Sam, or even touches her, I swear I WILL kill him. I should have just said what was on my mind earlier when we were arguing in her room. I so badly wanted to tell her to not go on the date and to just go with me instead… but I chickened out, as usual.

“Hey Bruddah!” Ryan yells at me from across the street as I see him on my front lawn. I throw my hands into my pocket as I get closer towards him. He starts to laugh a little, “Thought I’d find ya walking home from a certain someone’s house.” I didn’t say a thing. I didn’t feel like saying anything at all, ever again. He lightly hit me on the shoulder, “No luck changing her mind?” he asked. I took a breath than released it, “Didn’t really try that hard to change her mind…” He hits me again, “Cheer up man. There’s a party down at Kevin’s.”


We finally got to the movie theatre which was about a 7 minute drive from the house. Kyle really didn’t say what movie we were going to; I didn’t even know what movies were really even playing. As we got into the building, I glanced up at the movie posters of the Now Playing section. This weekend had some good movies playing; ‘We were Soldiers’, ‘A walk to Remember’, ‘The New Guy’, and ‘Super Troopers’. Kyle bumped me a little as he smiled, which in turn made me smile a little. “You wanna go see that don’t you?” He pointed to ‘A walk to Remember.’ I made a little face and slowly shook my head. I honestly didn’t want to see that with him, not on our first date. I was more of an action/comedy type of girl. That movie, however, was clearly neither. It was a somewhat romantic type of movie and I didn’t really want it to be that kind of a date.

After telling him to just pick a movie, we ended up going to ‘The New Guy’. Though, I would rather go and see ‘Super Troopers’ instead, I’m sure someone would go with me on a different day. Bruno liked movies. I shook my head suddenly, trying to get the thought of him out of my mind. As we got into the designated theatre where our movie was playing, I noticed a familiar stain on the carpet entering the room. My mind flashed back to a month earlier, when all of us came to this exact place to watch a movie that I can even seem to remember. Bruno and Josh were fooling around as usual and I had thrown my sandal at them to get them to stop. It hit Bruno’s drink and went flying out of his hand, spilling all over the floor. I can still remember the look on all of our faces before we all busted out into laughter. This was a date between Kyle and me and all I could do was picture Bruno…


It was probably near the end of the movie when Kyle got up to go use the restroom. That was probably a big pet peeve of mine. I hated when people did that. Why not just go before or wait till the damn movie was over. As I sat there alone looking up at the big screen, I felt something hit my hair. A piece of popcorn? I slowly turned my head to glance over to find my own mother. My eyes widened as she sat there smiling away, a few seats behind. My dad wasn’t with her at the moment but I knew that he was going to be soon, knowing that it was their date night. I slouched as far down as I could go in my seat, somewhat embarrassed of her presence. She quickly got up from her seat, climbing over another, sitting directly behind me. “Who’s the cute boy you’re with Samantha?” she whispers. I glare at her and whisper louder, “Mom! Go away.” She started to laugh a little, “Where did he go? Your father went to get me some more candy. Maybe they’ll meet up outside!” She sounded excited as she joked around with me. I just kept glaring at her, “Mom…” She smirked and finally jumped back over to her original seat before my dad or Kyle got back. I slouched back in my seat so that when my father came back into the room, he wouldn’t see me at all… especially with a boy. This date just got even weirder.


I look up at the clock on the wall, only an hour and a half went by; it felt like 4. I stood up from the couch that I had been sitting on while playing drinking games with a bunch of girls, and my head immediately started to spin. How did I get this drunk? All I remember is Ryan giving me alcohol saying that it would make me feel better. Someone pulled at my arm, forcing me to sit down. “Relax Bruno, sit down. Play a few more rounds.” I turned to see some girl that I didn’t really recognize beside me smiling. I looked around the room to try and find Ryan but he was no where in sight. I can’t even remember whose house this is. I needed to slow down on these drinks, I thought to myself as i looked into my cup.


“So … I heard Kevin was havin a party tonight do you wanna go check it out before I take you home or?” I quickly nod, “Yea, let’s go.” I pull at Kyle’s arm eagerly, forcing him outside of the door as I saw my parents making there way through the crowd of people when the movie was done. I would definitely not be going to this party with him if it wasn’t for my parents. I didn’t want to go home just yet because I knew that my mom would just question me and complain that I never told her about tonight.

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