Drive Me Crazy

Can a once in a Lifetime Love find a second chance.

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Drive Me Crazy Readers: IMPORTANT

Okay. Well instead of answering alllll of the questions once again, the chapter is done guys. … But I’ve been waiting on posting it for quite some time now. I’m a little hesitant actually. There is another site that is actually using my story as their own and its kind of making me a little iffy on whether or not I should be doin this anymore… I know some people—who happen to know some people—who happen to tell me a lot about other stories going around the circuit. So if any of you have seen this story anywhere OTHER than this tumblr page than clearly I did not do it. Nor do I want it out there… (Without my permission) I might sound crazy but if it doesn’t have my name on it or the correct TITLE, than I am quite upset about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love that some of you are getting my story out there and all, but the fact that you change the Name of it and Who Wrote it is what is getting on my nerves. & I ain’t jokin around here guys…, Keep in mind that I can easily delete this story with the click of a button. It will only take a second…

I’m ramblin now so Have a good day/night everyone. I’ll think about what I am going to do tomorrow :) Love you all!

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All of the love & hate lol. Love you guys & I love ya even more if you guys would just wait for this story to continue. I’ve had another rough month and to be honest tumblr is really the last thing on my mind :( AND to make matters worst I have not been home to post chapters!! I don’t have my computer!! BUT I will make it a deadline for myself to get something out this weekend. I know I have said that before but ya gotta stick with me :) I AM FINISHING THIS STORY. (Even though there’s still a million chapters left before it ends) ;)

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whateverpd asked: i'm absolutely dying for the new chapter you don't even know. but if you need time take your time

I should have time to post this weekend guys! I am so so so so so sorry for the damn wait. Thanks for hangin in there :)

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Anonymous asked: when this story comes to an end, do not delete site. I want to read this story several times, ok? -Brazil :)

Hah I would never delete it. So you can read it years from now when your 90 years old if you wanted to!!! Lmao. & I love that you put where you were from! :) thanks for reading!

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lovecansetyoufree asked: I really love the story!! But when are you gonna post, it's been so long x

& I love u for lovin it! This weekend I swear on my life I will have chapter 100 out for y’all. I’ve been working 13 hour days-everyday for the past 3 weeks. And when I do get a break to write, I usually pass out from exhaustion :S lol but I WILL post it by this weekend. Whether it be fri, sat, or Sunday!!! I’m still here, don’t you worry. :)

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Anonymous asked: This story is just perfect!!

Gosh what is with all the love on here??? my ask is FULL of this… I will answer every one of them eventually but yeeeesh you guys are craaaazy lately. I love it!

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Anonymous asked: This story is addicting and genius !!! I love it this is the only thing I've read on here because none of the other can even compare lol I'm a little obsessed ;) aren't we all though ?? Hooligan!!

Aww thanks hun.. that means the world to me that i have a few die hard readers! :) Why you would read just my story baffles me tho haha. Thanks for the love. I’ll continue to strive up to most of your expectations.

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Anonymous asked: Please finshe this story i fell in love with it

There is so much love in like a million anonymous … guys, dont be anon!!! I cannot stress that enough! I wanna actually get to know you people lol. Thanks for the appreciation. AND I WILL FINISH THE STORY do not worry about that. :)

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Anonymous asked: Are you done?? We don't need anything fancy, just some good ol sex!!

haha it will be good, don’t worry. But like always—I am not gonna post a chapter that i dont like. I am almost done it tho!!! ;)

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Anonymous asked: Please post chapter 100!!!!!!!!!

I will have it by tomorrow. I am working as hard as i can on it. I am going through this dumb writers block crap and it sucks!!!